Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lit Brothers Enchanted Christmas Village

A Philadelphia Christmas tradition that has now been saved by the Please Touch Museum
Most Images are from Temple's Archives


  1. The visits to the Enchanted Christmas Village were some of the best times in my life I would go through over and over again. It's so sad to see the pure Joy of Christmas just go away. I'm 64 now and i feel sorry for the Children of today . They have no idea of the joy and peace we enjoyed back in the day . I'm greatful I got a chance to see those times.

    1. What a nice note. I almost 47 so I vividly remember my parents taking my brother & I downtown to the Philly 4-Horseman of the Retail (Lits, Wanamakers, S&C and Gimbles), the later 3 still under original founding family ownership then in the 1970s. The Lit's Enchanted Village was great and Lits even had a great model train display in the lower marble grand court which was extremely impressive and wrapped around the entire rectangular court. I am glad to see that some of those things are retained at the Wanamaker location (now Macy's, although I still call it Wanamakers) that I can still share with my 3 kids, but it is not the same as when I was a child. I am glad that I was perhaps was lucky to have been one of he last generations to have experienced the glory days of the independent family owned department stores in Philly at Christmas time, an experience that will never ever be recaptured but these out of town cookie cutter chain stores. The fact that the founder of the American department store-John Wanamaker no longer has a store bearing his name is rediculous. My utopian dream if I won a billion $ lottery would be to buy out all of the 3 remaining buildings (Gimbles now gone) and the names of the original stores and restart the glory that Philly deserves (not more out of town retail chain), at least I can attempt that on my own model train layout.- Joe

    2. Whoever you are I really like what you said about the Enchanted Christmas Village.I would go all the time.Today kids don't have what we had years ago.I am greatful that I went.God Bless you always.

  2. Ah that great lunch with Santa and the Blue Fairy. I have a picture with her somewhere.

  3. I loved the Enchanted Villages when I will younger.I miss it alot.My family went there all the time.Hope sometime someone will open a Enchanted Village sooner.Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.



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