Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Brillo Pillo

I was in my mid teens when I first really stumbled upon Andy Warhol. Although I knew the name and remember seeing his TV show on MTV as a kid, it wasn't until I saw a photo of him in a room surrounded by Brillo boxes that I really took notice. From that moment on my obsession with Warhol and Brillo took off. 

Warhol Brillo Boxes

To this day I have yet to ever use a Brillo pad, but I find the packaging amazing. It's total pop art without ever intending to be art at all. It's bold and flashy, yet so simple, and when marketed as an art piece it goes to a whole new level.

When the manufacturers of Brillo saw what Warhol was doing with their product, it's no surprise that they decided to hop on the pop art band wagon. I found these inflatable Brillo boxes about ten years ago on eBay.

Brillo Pillo's

They are a huge 24" x 24" air pillow that I've always assumed were supermarket display pieces, until I stumbled upon this ad in an old issue of Life Magazine from 1968..... complete with Peter Max style art work

1968 Brillo Pillo Ad

For just $1.00 and one specially marked Brillo Pillo end package you could own...... "The Latest In Groovy Pop Art". They are "A Great Conversation Piece For Your Living Room Or Den!". How cool of them to just embrace it and try to make money off of someone who was making money off of them. So now I'm on a quest to find a third. (Just because I like things in groups of three)

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