Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Salem North Star Coffee Pot and the matching Sugar & Creamer

Salem North Star Coffee Set

North Star Coffee Mugs

Salem North Star Coffee Mugs


  1. You have a wonderful collection of North Star! Would you be willing to share the marking on the bottom of the coffee pot? Replacements Ltd. shows a mini coffee pot as well as this one. I have a similar one with only "USA" on the bottom and am trying to discern if it's North Star.

  2. Thanks! There are no markings on the bottom of this pot but this is the real coffee pot as seen in this advertisement...

    I have that mini pot also that is just marked "USA", I don't believe that it is North Star. The color and shape of the lid match the color and shapes of another set of dishes I've seen before. I actually have my "mini pot" up for sale on etsy right now because it doesn't really fit with the rest of the stuff.

    1. Thank-you! You have been most helpful. My mini pot came with a creamer and sugar bowl that is not like your North Star set so I'm not surprised by your reply, but the pot looks a lot like the one on Replacements. Again, thanks so much and I have enjoyed perusing your site.



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