Thursday, June 23, 2011

Starburst Clock And Matching Sconces

My uncle cleans out houses for a living and sometimes finds some real treasures. So far he has brought me home some stained glass windows, an undertakers tool box from the 50s, cool old bottles, and a few other things. Imagine my surprise today when I stopped at my grandparents house today and was greeted with these.....

Welby Starburst Clock and Sconces

I have been trying to track down a set of those sconces at a cheap price forever, imagine my surprise to get them for free along with the original matching clock. They were sitting in someones attic for years. The brass is a bit rusty on the little balls but they cleaned up quite nice.

Welby Starburst Clock and Sconces

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  1. Aren't these clocks just beautiful. You cant find clocks these days with anywhere near the attention to detail and intricate design. Clocks are no longer a wall decoration but merely a functional machine.



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