Monday, June 13, 2011

Salem North Star Lamp

This just arrived a few days ago and is my newest pride and joy. I already have one rare lamp in North Star but this is even crazier looking. Plus it has another pattern on the front called Estrellita by the Canonsburg company (just a part of the pattern actually). I'm thinking this had to be some sort of promotional piece for a store, I don't see how two patterns from two different companies can end up on one lamp. I love the two tiered shade and crazy shape! Anyone with any info or suggestions, please let me know. I'm kinda baffled as to the origins.

Salem North Star Lamp

Salem North Star Lamp 

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  1. I've just started my North Star collection. I'm good with plates and standard stuff but am on the prowl for the cooler things like the ones you have pictured here. If you have any or know of any, I'm a buyer!



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